About Liaskjærshallen and tenants

In Liaskjærshallen there is full activity almost every single day - all year. Please check for information about upcoming events and our renters below.

About Liaskjærshallen

Liaskjærshallen is a multifunctional hall with a new great weight room, group lessons and large indoor hall for different ball games. You can also hire the hall for different events.

The idea of building a hall, Peder O. Lie got after experiencing a heart attack. With a desire to establish a meeting place for the villages Ekerhovd, Lie and Liaskjeret, Liaskjærshallen was completed just before Christmas 2008. In addition to contributing to public health through a varied training facility, Liaskjærshallen with its 800 square meters has become an arena for cultural events with  concerts, shows and the annual Christmas market. Today, training facilities in Liaskjærshallen attract members from all of the region surrounding Bergen. Read more about the history behind Liaskjærshallen here.


General guidelines
We ask everyone to wash their hands when you arrive and when you leave Liaskjærshallen. Bring your own drinking bottles and plenty of water for all types of exercise. It is not possible to fill private drink bottles or drink from the tap in the Liaskjershallen. Keep at least 1 meter distance to others, 2 meters when spinning. If you have symptoms of covid19 you MUST stay home. If you are easily cold or cough you must also stay home.

Weight room
All exercise equipment on must be sprayed before and after you use it so that it is ready for the next person. Liaskjærshallen set out liquor bottles just outside the weight room that canvas can use for this. At least 1 meter distance to others who exercise. Liaskjærshallen does not have towels available.

Unfortunately it is not allowed to use the shower system in the hall, everyone has to stand ready in exercise clothes when dawn comes, and shower home after exercise. The toilet is open.

Everyone needs to ride their bike before and after exercise. There should be a distance of 2 meters between the cycles during training.

Our tenants

Salon Mali As is located on the second floor of Liaskjærshallen. Small and intimate hair salon with focus on the customer. Marie Lie who runs the salon has long experience in the hairdressing profession.

Some of the things she performs in the salon are clips, colors, stripes, coloring/napping of brows, light foot treatment and shellac amongst others.

Get in touch for a chat, book an appointment or call Marie Lie directly on phone 916 07 817.